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Target audience

target audience

Pilot campaigns can be used to target a range of demographics and understand the best way for marketers to reach these target audiences.
The aim of running target audience pilot campaigns is to ultimately help marketers better understand their audience and motivate action from them.
Piloting campaigns can be an effective way of testing audiences before investing in a full-scale campaign that could target many different audiences.
Using pilot campaigns can help marketers discover target demographics they might have not thought of and the best ways to reach these target audiences (Miller, 2014). This is achieved by testing different audience demographics across a small-scale pilot campaign to see which target audiences respond the best to their ads.
Pilot campaigns can be used before a campaign is launched in order to analyze target demographics and learn more about target audiences for this type of campaign, however, pilot target audience campaigns should not replace target audience campaigns. This is because pilot target audience campaigns do not deliver any results and therefore do not fulfill marketing’s main goal of influencing target audiences into taking action.
One benefit of target audiences pilot campaigns is that marketers will now be able to decide whether their target audiences campaign should target one particular audience or if they want to target multiple audiences. This way, the marketers can make sure they are spending their target audience’s campaign budget as efficiently as possible.
The pilot campaigns should be an important step in target audience campaigns, but they should not replace the actual campaigns. Pilot campaigns deliver no results and do not fulfill marketing’s main goal of influencing target audiences into taking action. Therefore, pilot campaigns should only be used as a stepping stone to determine what type of target audiences campaign should be implemented and to try out different demographics within this pilot campaign.

For example, marketers could use a pilot campaign to test whether their target audiences respond better to a TV advertisement or a Facebook ad. Then, once they have determined the best way for them to reach their target audiences, they can launch a full-scale campaign to these target audiences.


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