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Good Boss

You must understand one simple thing. Success of your company mainly depends on your staff. You staff must be real professionals who love their work, and they must know that they have a good boss. And, when we say boss we do not mean Centurion on the Roman Galley. We mean something more like a sports team coaches who can get 110% from their players.

Workers are the main factor of success, thus good boss must know how to get maximum from the staff. And classical image of screaming boss is not an option. You staff must know who they work for and why they work for. They must be able to answer these questions, or there will be no reason except for money for them to work in your company.

What good boss should never do

By the way, I can’t stress this enough, good boss never acts disrespectful against employees. Dignity worth everything to a person. But, if you take it from him, it worth nothing for you. It will result in crushed worker, demotivated staff. Extra to that, if such an accident spreads to internet, you will have giant reputational losses. Mainly because it will be hard for you to get new workers. People respect good bosses, they are not afraid of them. And respect is being gained by the character, not by the fear or grey hair.

good boss vs. dictator

So, main factor that turns dictator to a good boss for workers is how he treats them. Studies have shown that, if workers are being treated nice and get paid in time, it will result in:

  • Increased productivity, and loyalty.
  • Less sick days and hence, less opportunity costs.
  • Greater pool of talent, because they would love to work with you
  • Stronger customer relationship

Good boss always respects his employees, and is a leader, not a dictator. If you wish to learn more about this subject, check this study.


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