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Blogging is a skill that takes time, effort and creativity to perfect. The key component of successful blogging lies in knowing how much information you should include in your posts for both users as well as search engines; this includes choosing topics wisely so they’re engaging without being boring or repetitive – there’s no single recipe here but variety will ensure success! And don’t forget about implementing some basic SEO rules when writing articles because Google loves good content πŸ™‚

Titles are important for SEO purposes, but they can also have a significant impact on how users interact with your blog. For some people it’s most efficient to do this step first and then figure out what content will go where later; however there are others who find that creating titles as you go helps them think more creatively about their posts while still keeping things simple enough so anyone could understand them without too much effort or confusion from reading just one sentence into an article thinking “This isn’t going anywhere!”

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