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Roe Jewelry

In 2021, we have successfully developed one of the best online jewelry stores for RoeJewelry.

One of the best online jewelry stores for RoeJewelry.

When a client wanted to add new functions and services, they turned to Digixnow. The reason? We have been able to handle every change with ease!

When the client wanted to add new functions and services, he turned to Digixnow. With their expertise in designing custom solutions for Jewelers, they were able to help him plan changes that would allow his business to remain competitive while also meeting customer needs more efficiently than ever before!

Project Name : Web Coding, Social Media and Digital Marketing Project

Client : RoeJewelry

Project Commencement Date : October 08, 2021

Project Completion Date : Continues

Project URL :


Our Strategies

RoeJewelry has been one of the best online jewelry stores for a few years now. We have had a great run and continue to grow at a rapid pace. Our marketing strategies have allowed us to reach more people than ever before and we are continuing to use them to reach even more people.

Social Media - Works

We are the solution you’ve been looking for to take your company’s social media marketing strategy up a notch. We work hard and produce content that is in accordance with Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin algorithms as well as manage ads on all three platforms.

Grapich - Works

Design work is important. The designs give the meaning of trust, quality and service to your customers.


When you’re ready to take the next step and create your own website, it’s important that every detail be considered.

Web Design

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