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Bag Envelope

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The bag envelope is a great little invention. Even though we have stopped writing letters, envelopes still have an important place in our lives. It continues to function as a stationery material that is frequently needed not only by companies but also by individual users.

An envelope is always needed to store documents. Bag and envelope printing, which makes it easier to keep and carry documents of different sizes, is among the products that a company always needs. You can use bag envelopes in different sizes such as A3, A4, and A5 both for filing and shipping documents. Making use of the organized printing service in the printing of envelopes, where you will include your company’s logo and contact information, will contribute to the professional image of your company by getting a quality result. For the envelopes you will print for your company, designing an envelope that is compatible with your corporate identity will help you draw a more professional image.

There is adhesive silicone on the rear part of the bag envelope, you can stick the ear of the envelope when you remove the thin paper on it.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Bag Envelopes
Including your company’s logo and contact information in Bag Envelope allows you to be memorable and to reach your potential customers more easily.
While preparing your design, you should take care to work in a format suitable for printing. Therefore, do not forget that you can use ready-made bag envelope templates for free while preparing your design.
Note that envelopes will be printed on one side. It is not possible to print on the back and ear parts.
When determining the number of printing colors, you should consider the number of colors used in your logo.
Important: It is recommended that you do not make your design printed on the entire floor. As stated in the templates, you must leave 11 mm of free space on the right side of the design.


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