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Catalog Magazine

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A Catalog magazine is a type of magazine that features a wide variety of product catalogs. These magazines are often mailed to subscribers, and they can also be found in stores and online. Catalog magazines typically include both full-page ads and editorial content, and they often feature special sales and discounts. Catalog magazines are a great way to find new products, compare prices, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or just trying to keep up with the latest trends, catalog magazines are a great resource.

The fastest way to present detailed information about your company’s products or the areas you serve to your potential customers is to have a professional catalog. Catalog magazine, which offers the opportunity to examine all your products and what you want to highlight in detail, not only functions to explain yourself clearly, to highlight your corporate identity, but also to present the information your customer needs in a concise and concise manner. It is important for your company to have a catalog printing, because these printed publications, which can be viewed both by customer visits and by visitors to your office, are the front of your company.

When choosing the number of catalog pages, if you order 72+4 pages for A4 (21×29.7 cm) size, 72 inner pages, that is, 36 inner sheets of A4 (21×29.7 cm) and 4 pages of covers, that is, one front and one back cover A4 ( 21×29.7 cm) catalog order will be sent to production. In addition, the back thickness of your catalog will vary according to the number of pages and weight you choose. When choosing the Design Direction, if you choose A4 (21×29.7 cm) vertical, the binding will be done on the long edge, if you choose horizontal, the binding will be done on the short edge. Since the size of 22×22 cm is square, if you choose a vertical or horizontal design direction, the binding will be made according to your writing direction.


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