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Diplomat Envelope

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Diplomat envelope is the name given to the envelopes used by companies in their corporate business. Diplomatic envelopes; It is used in corporate correspondence, within the company, and in the submissions made by companies to their customers. The main function of this product is to add value to the brand by creating a corporate image and thus increase the trust in the brand.

There are two types of diplomat envelopes; one of them is the diplomat envelope with a window in which the recipient information can be included, and the other is the diplomat envelope without a window on which the recipient information can be written or attached with a label. Windowed diplomat envelopes are generally preferred for envelopes to be sent by mail/cargo.

There is adhesive silicone on the ear part of the diplomat envelope, you can stick the ear of the envelope when you remove the thin paper on it.

You can quickly place your diplomats envelope orders from your seat with Bidolubaski. In this way, you do not have to go to the printing house and pay exorbitant prices every time you need it. Your online orders with Bidolubaski will be printed as soon as possible and sent to your address with free shipping.


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