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Do not forget card

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Do not forget card, which is one of the products that should be on your office desk, undertakes a life-saving task in many issues. The do not forget card, which you can choose from 100 to 2000, is a product that can be useful in many different situations when you need to give important notes to your customer or visitor that should not be forgotten, or when you want to leave a reminder note for yourself on your desk.

Do not forget that the card boxes are made with a special design and do not need gluing. It will be ready for use after you fold it easily and place the appropriate number of papers inside.

Anchor At, which preserves the traditional printing line and also has new generation online printing features, you can also include your company’s logo and slogans on your cards. When ordering the do not forget card that will make your office life easier, you should act without forgetting that they are consumed quickly. The amount you determine accordingly will meet your needs for a long time. You can find all other promotional items to order on Digixnow.

The products are made open to avoid damage, without sending the filling.

+/- 10% virus containment in leaf trail.

It is important that you are fully understood during the preparation phase as you design your design, as you will receive it.

Care should be taken to wear your logo and slogan approval clothes, which should be played on the designs, in a way that is one of the designs.


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