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Name Badge

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Name badges are one of the products recommended for the employees of businesses operating in the service sector. With its bright and striking appearance, the drop label printed name badge/collar badge, which can be attached to the collar with a magnet or a needle apparatus, not only emphasizes the company logo but also makes it easier to read the name of the employee. Especially; Drop badges used by employees in the service sector such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, and banks can also be used in fairs or various organizations.

You can choose the nameplate part of the name badges specific to the name or the name can be changed. When you choose name-specific, you can get name badges printed specifically for each name. On the nameplate, there is an area where you can place a paper with a name written on it.

After completing your order, you must send an excel file containing all the information to “[email protected]” with your order number, in order to print different names on the name badge. The nameplate part of name badges that can be changed is approximately 6.7×1.5 cm. You can print out the names that will be written on these badges, cut them, and put them on the nameplate. Products are packaged individually.


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