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Name Badge String

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Printed Name Badge String, also known as card hanger rope, is one of the indispensable products in events and corporate companies. Name Badge Strings are very important, especially in terms of brand image. In events, the Name Badge Strings are used quite often by printing the logo of the sponsor company or the organizing company. One of the most visible and memorable places at events is the card hanger rope, so the Name Badge Strings are an area you should definitely use for logo printing.

In particular, corporate companies give their personnel cards with a Name Badge String on which the company logo is printed. The reason for this is to strengthen the brand image and corporate image. Printed Name Badge String makes a very important contribution to companies in this respect. The fastest channel you can use to order card hanger thread is the online printing channel.

When choosing the paper type for your label, make sure that you make a choice that fits your brand’s overall image. For example, 300 gr. Caft is generally preferred for products such as shabby clothing and organic food. Think carefully about what the difference between single-sided and double-sided printing can bring and lose for your brand. Some brands feel that double-sided printing suits their image better. Make sure you make your designs with inappropriate dimensions. If the price tag is to be affixed on the Name Badge String labels, consider this detail while designing. The hole diameter of the product label is approximately 5 mm. If you prefer the product label with a thread, 20 cm long cut threads will be sent next to the product.


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