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Oval Business Card

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We all know the importance of our oval business card in our lives when creating the first impression. We are also aware that small details can make a big impact. It’s time to stand out from other business cards with the flowing cut of oval business cards. Oval Business Card, which we offer with their modern structure that appeals to both the eye and the hand, helps to increase the catchiness of your company.

The business card is the first product that comes to mind for all businesses and employees in the business world. For this reason, having a good business card is very important in terms of standing out from the people and institutions doing the same job as you. For example, giving a well-designed business card to people at an event related to your industry will make you and your company more permanent in their lives.

If you want standard 400 gr. As coated, if you want, 800 gr. for a fuller and thicker feeling. You can order it as coated. In addition, an impressive business card with increased protection with matte cellophane, which will prevent wear and make it durable for a long time, will also be effective in your business life.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Oval Business Card Printing
Take care of your business card design.

You can choose from a design that stands out from the front.
All-inclusive on business cards to your company logo.
By examining oval business card samples, the size of the design will take a look at those that will inspire. Emphasize that the new idea comes to life in your mind.
Allows you to pre-determine the oval business card design. You will like it more if you have the blueprint in your logo.
Make sure you have basic contact information. Your position in the company, phone number, e-mail, and address information are the most basic details for a oval business card.
Also, use your personal LinkedIn link for the contact information. In this way, it will increase your connections in the professional social network and offer a personal communication channel other than mail. Of course, I didn’t do the LinkedIn update either.
On business cards containing the information of your company’s corporate social media accounts. If there are continuous online communication channels such as Twitter and Facebook, you can choose them as simple information with their logos. You can always be in contact with your new body contacts.
Only one design can be uploaded for the quantity you choose. It is necessary to select a separate piece for each name/design and add the selection to the basket. For example; Having the same information, designs with the same name are also different designs, you need to design 2 of your products as 1000 + 1000 pieces from this book.


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