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Plastic Card

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Plastic card is printing products that are frequently used especially in the retail sector. A clothing store or supermarket can identify these cards to customers by printing plastic cards. Thanks to these plastic cards, customers tend to visit the brand more often and shop more. For this reason, many companies print plastic cards. You can place your orders online right away with the options of Plastic Card with barcodes, Plastic Cards with Emboss, and Plastic Cards with Serial Numbers.

Plastic cards can be used for many different purposes; customer cards, promotion cards, hotel cards, hospital cards, and visitor cards. Plastic cards can be used for any purpose other than these usage types. At this point, the printing quality of plastic cards is very important in terms of both brand image and cost reduction by using them for a long time.

Plastic card printing is 8.6×5.4cm, that is, in credit card size and using 760 Micron Plastic (credit card thickness) material. 4-Color CMYK is used in prints, so the design must be prepared in accordance with CMYK. In plastic cards, cutting is made in such a way that the edges are oval. Printing on plastic cards is digital printing. Digital printing is more durable than UV printing. In this way, product prints will remain for a long time without fading and peeling.

A Plastic card is one of the most important tools in a professional’s toolkit. It’s a small, but powerful way to make a big impression. And with Digixnow, it’s easy to create a unique and stylish business card that will help you stand out from the competition. Plus, our high-quality printing ensures that your business cards will look great and last for years to come. So make sure to include Digixnow in your next business card order.


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