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The collection receipts are the document that the receiving companies give to the other party that the payment has been received. The collection receipt voucher product, which is used especially in businesses where payments are made by hand, provides many conveniences for both the company using it and the party making the payment. Due to this bilateral benefit situation, the collection receipt is available in almost all companies and is used in most of them.

A payment receipt is a receipt issued by the party making the payment for money payments made in companies. Unlike the collection receipt, it is issued by the party making the payment, not by the party to which the payment is made, for the purpose of documenting the payment. In addition, the numerator option is among the printing preferences. In the payment receipts to be printed with the numerator, the starting number must be entered.

A money receipt is a document that companies fill out after receiving or giving money, showing that money exchange takes place for both parties. Especially medium-sized businesses are expected to use money receipts bearing their own logos in terms of corporate image. For this reason, having a money receipt with the logo makes a great contribution to all companies, especially medium-sized companies, in terms of image.

Receipts printing can be printed in 2 or 3 copies according to the company’s needs. For example, a copy of a receipt printed in 3 copies can be used for giving to the payer, one copy for accounting, and another copy for the archive. Receipts, which are very useful for tracking business processes in both the customer and the internal management of the company, are mostly printed in 3 copies. While receipts facilitate the workflow in your accounting, they also contribute to your corporate identity.

Receipt printing is printed in 13.5×20.3 cm or 14.5×20.8 cm size and in volumes of 50. There is a perforation in the product for easy tearing of the pages.


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