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Unisex T-shirt

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Unisex T-shirt, which is suitable for use in all events and organizations, offer high comfort with their cotton-like cut fiber fabric while providing long-lasting use with high print quality. Printed t-shirts, which are heavily preferred in every period, are also preferred for personal uses.

It prefers printed Unisex T-shirts in schools, small and large businesses, hospitals, and many other sector events, increasing employee satisfaction, promotion, and communication. Specially designed for daily use, the crew neck Unisex T-shirt is compatible with men and women.

The patterns of our Unisex T-shirts are standard and can be ordered in 4 different size options. You can use the size chart to choose the most suitable size.

Unisex T-shirt material is staple fiber – 100% polyester fabric. It is suitable for gentle washing on the reverse at a maximum of 30 degrees in the machine. Not suitable for dryer. In order not to spoil the print, the products should be ironed backward and without pressing too much. Greaseproof paper or cloth should be placed inside the Unisex T-shirt and on the ironing area. There may be slight differences in color tones and texture of the fabric, provided that the fabric properties remain the same. Print and fabric quality are suitable for long-term use.

Unisex T-shirt, which is one of the most preferred products of our age, appeal to everyone with their wide use area and comfort. You can order the products you want by choosing the right model and color from the product options, then you can add them to your cart and start the shopping process.

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